Payment Gateways Performance – [infographic]

Wonderful New Relic pulled some data from all of its customers making calls to payment gateways and they made this beautiful infographic showing their findings in terms of performance and response time per gateway. Very insightful information.

Find the full article here.

Driving and your health [INFOGRAPHIC] published this infographic called ‘The Killer Commute‘, and a few things popped from the data about driving and your health:

  1. You are 40% more likely to divorce your spouse if you commute 45 minutes or more per day.
  2. Your risk of heart attack TRIPLES if you commute regularly for over 20 minutes daily over the same route.

Here is the full infographic from

Credit Card Fraud – Infographic

As a complement to the Online Identity infographic, here is what credit card fraud is shaping like:

The Ninut team (@ninutinc) is working to solve these… we are working hard to announce something soon.

Searching for your online privacy?

Here is an awe+ infographic about online privacy, security and identity theft. This is the very problem the team at Ninut (@ninutinc) is working to solve right this minute. I found it in an article titled The Wild, Wild Web: Wrestling Online Privacy (from Pretty cool site too if you want to read about money matters, debt and career development. Go check it out after this image gets you stoned:

Twitter in Numbers – Infographic (circa 2011)

If you are one of those still wondering who uses twitter, why they do it and how they find the time, then this BuySellAds infographic is for you.

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Happy Hour for Entrepreneurs: World Hot Spots

This is where we hang out in the world. From the creators at Gist:

In this infographic, we examine the world’s up-and-coming tech communities – from Germany to Mexico to Indonesia and more – and compare them on a number of different factors, including entrepreneurial mindset, access to capital and general strengths and weaknesses

Learning to Love Tennis

I found this infographic on the USTA site about some new changes within the USTA’s rules for kids playing tennis. I loved the graphic, and it contains some ‘really?’ moments as well as ‘off-course’  moments (I learned a thing ot two from it)

Children's Tennis Infographic - Learning to Love Tennis

© 2012 10 and Under Tennis

How Laws are Made in America. Infographic.

Check out this awesome illustration that created on Design for America, a contest from the Sunlight Foundation: